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"badlands" updated

After a month of switching computers (preeeeetty new iThor!) and brain-uselessness, I finally figured out how to use OSX software to clean up the random updates to my website I've posted to the past month :) It's not really *that* interesting, since most of this stuff has been posted somewhere before, but now it's in one place.

Check it out at the badlands.

All of these stories have shown up elsewhere, but there is NEW COVER ART FROM TAMMY! because she rules.

Details of new...ish stuff:

Cover art by besyd!!

Brand new: Painting it Blue.

and, though not quite new: Threshold.

Stargate stories by Little Red: (Sam/Jack, with apologies to lifelongfling and jammer0307 for that)

Traditions (canon-style birthday fluffiness)

After All (angst, love, hurt-comfort-ness of a sort)

Threshold (fluffy future wedding-related nonsense)

Two Words (first drabble ever!)

-- Little Red, who is *not* friends with microsoft today

p.s. idle_dreamer? I don't want to hear it. :-P

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