Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

doggie day one!

ZOMG, we really have dog!

Sister and I are still arguing a bit about her name. I really like "Tessie" for a dog, and I think I'm getting use to it for her, but I'm not absolutely positive it's the right name, though the Red Sox do seem to be winning an awful lot. Gira really likes "Shanti," the Sanskrit word for 'peace,' which might be a nice word to apply to our skittish little doglette, but I don't know if it sounds too much like "Sachi." Pretend my journal is like one of those baby name communities ("zomg, I r totally going to name my kid Harry Potter Jones! You like eet?"). Vote your choice!

(Her eyes are not really green; it's for dramatic effect.)

She spends most of her time being scared of absolutely everything, so we get a lot of this look:

and a lot of her running away, poor thing. This has led to some Housebreaking Incidents, because she's so darned scared of her harness and leash that we can't get them on her in time. Oy vey! I got a sliplead to use in the interim, and I can throw it around her when she's doing something else, but she's a squirmy little devil and just putting a leash on her regular collar would lead to Escaped Doggie Action. I'm not sure on the doggie-training approach: is it worth it to have to sit on her to put the harness on so that I can praise and treatify her once she has it on? Erm, I doubt it.

She HAS learned to do some other things she was Deathly Afraid of yesterday, though! She can now walk up the stairs outside of our house (after being carried a few times) and can jump down from my bed (after twenty minutes of pacing), saving me from having to purchase doggie stairs! Good girl!!

Her two fave things so far in our house are being on a bed (see above -- we weren't planning to let her on the bed, but her foster mom was like "um, yah, you should rilly let her sleep with you" and um, she's really warm. So welcome to my bed, TessieShanti!) and her other favorite thing: edible bones from Nylabone:

I sort of wish she wouldn't combine these activities, but it seems like she cleans up very well and leaves no bonecrumbs. Close-up!

Also, my hair is bloo! (It's much less obvious when I put it up for work, so, hopefully I = not fired. LOL. This is what I get for telling Gira I'd like "a few small tasteful violet streaks" and her saying "I can do something just as good!" and then me not paying attention. It's SO PUNK ROCK, RAR.)

Yes, I did take that myself in the bathroom mirror, and yes, I am wearing Nerd Pajamas.
Tags: international wonder doggie, punk nostalgia

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