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unpunk: help, o wise expunk friendslist!

The blue hair is Not Going To Fly, but it's actually not my fault. Apparently it wouldn't have been a big deal as an admin (our other admin girl bleached her bangs and the front chunks of her otherwise-black hair).

However, the ish has hit the fan at work about our new coworker-with-a-Y-not-an-I (who, after throwing an unbelievable fit and yelling at me and another coworker on Friday, didn't show up to work for 3 days and then resigned, making up a whole bunch of stuff that we all apparently said and did to her).

Now, I've evidently getting a backhanded promoted -- I have to act as the third sales agent and come in on Saturdays, but I'll continue to be paid as an admin -- and apparently I need to look RESPECTABLE and get rid of the blue now that I'm in Sales And Not Just Admin (or, I assume, do a better job of disguising it).

Okay, so, let's pretend I bleached the streaks first and it's permanent (or long-term semi-permanent) dye, and they've already nixed the idea of dyeing my hair black to cover it all.

Suggestions? Is there a kind of pigment-removing product that won't make your hair fall out if used on top of bleach? Are women's hats/headwraps back in fashion such that one could wear them to work and not just to church? Can expensive salons do this if I throw money at them?? HELP PLEEZ.

-- Little Red, who feels like quite enough of a moron already.
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