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a cold war

The menagerie in our house have reached a sort of an impasse.

The Temporarily Named Dog watches the rats...

... and the rats watch back.

She's taken a few lunges at them but the resulting clatter of rats scares her off (so she goes running to the other room and the other rats). The rats toss her little seeds and things for her troubles. (I trust the occasional rat poop will not kill a dog so long as they are domesticated plague-free rats, but it's a very good reason to keep the doglette from licking my face in between vacuumings).

A new addition to The Name Game: my coworker Laura declared today "Her name is now Penelope Ann [Last Name]. You can call her Penny for short, because she's the color of a penny." (Clearly, every dog needs a proper name for society functions and suchlike.) Gira waffled back and forth because the name is so darned ordinary for a dog, but the doglette? Really looks like a Penny. Like, if she were in a romance novel (or, say, an old Greek saga) she would so be a Penelope, right? But that's too long a name to yell across a dog park, I think. (No talking, you with the cat named Lorelei Chandlerina, and you know who you are <3.)

Penny is the last name of two of the brothers I grew up with at the ashram. It doesn't bother Gira, but it leads to three important questions:

1) Will I be able to disassociate from that and not keep going "Hey, like so-and-so's last name!"?

2) Do I really want to be humming Penny Lane for the next fifteen years? Seriously, I just got it out last month from the time when I was 10 and did a dance routine to it.

3) Will I have to read the Odyssey again!?!??

Also, THE INTERNET TELLS ME that Penny is a good name for a YORKIE-POO. Does this mean I am not allowed to name a larger dog by this name without her being laughed at by other doggies? Also, there's a Shih-Tzu named Penny out there with her own BLOG, and it is BETTERER than mine. (Though I suspect it has less incidence of porn.)

Please indulge my excessive neediness in this matter. I loved and love my childhood doggie, but I never liked her name, so this is mucho important.

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