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Today, on the All-Rat All The Time Channel.

After my little meltdown last night, I feel much better. I know everything you guys said was probably obvious, ("Um, LR? It's been 3 days, so stop being a nutcake.") but I really needed to hear it.

The International Wonder Doggie then came in and regained her title as International Wonder Doggie by PLAYING WITH ME! For a whole few minutes! And wagging her tail even!! OMG, she is so darned cute. I'm amazed by how fast this dog is improving from how she was 3 days ago.

Other milestones proving her Wonder Doggie-ness:

1) She ran up and down the stairs today!! Three days ago, she needed to be carried she was so scared.

2) She only runs a few feet away now when it's leash-and-walk time, rather than hiding in full-on the other room.

3) She ate breakfast today! YAY. My Jewish genes now are no longer convinced that she is both dying and rejecting my love because she wasn't eating her food.

So yes, now I'm going to stop fretting that I do not love her entirely yet. If I don't love her entirely after, say, 3 months, I will be allowed to get concerned, how 'bout that? (Which seems impossible, because seriously, I got all possessive about a binder clip at work after only a week.)

Anyway, while I am on the computer, the International Wonder Doggie is doing this:

And Jadzia the rat would like to remind you that she is also cute:

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