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(but baseball is a manly manly man's sport, and is totally not gay at all.)

The official major league baseball news kind of pwnz fandom right now at rpf slash:

Montero describes his relationship with Hernandez as "brotherly" and said it has been like a dream come true to work with the veteran. The pair dine together on the road and at home, play golf together and constantly call each other on the phone. Carpooling to work is not uncommon. Hernandez has even gone as far as to buy his "little brother" fancy suits and expensive clothes...

The title of the fanfic article is "MONTERO, HERNANDEZ MORE THAN MATES."

I LOVE EET. There's more, too, about how they make bets about designer shoes and stuff. I seriously need an icon to express an "actually, that's kind of gay" sentiment, because between Army Wives and my occasionally deviant little life and, apparently,, I have lots of use for it. YAY WORLD. *cheers*

ETA: Did I mention they're pitcher and catcher? I love you, baseball, never change.
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