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chip off the ol' battery of lab tests...


Okay, probably not mono exactly. So all along everyone has been telling me I'm "too hard" on the dog because I've been worrying that she seems to sleep all the time and only has bursts of energy for about one minute at a time.

So today was Tessie's first vet visit, and everyone at the vet's office went to Def Con 3 Def Con 1.5 because she's showing all the signs of something mysterious being omgwrong, but no one knows what, since it's probably something Chinese that doesn't turn up too often in Oregon. Personally, I recognize all those symptoms. Glands crazy swollen! High fever! Sleeps all the time! No appetite! DOG HAS THE SACHI DISEASE.

So, yeah, my dog has some crazy Chinese mono. They're running a lot of very expensive lab tests for strange Chinese blood parasites -- expensive because they really never show up in Oregon, and the vets dragged out a whole bunch of reference texts while we were there today -- so I'm back in credit card debt again. :( Which is adding to my stress, um, more than a bit. *money flailing* I saved up a whole lot of money for unusual doggie expenses and now it's gone, and they haven't even treated her yet for whatever they might find.

At least our new vet is totally awesome. This is the same vet hospital we take our rats to -- it's nearby and they treat exotics -- but it's not the same vet (our rat guy? ROCKS OMG and he is forever to be our rat vet, even though we don't know his name and so have to ask for him as "the guy with the ponytail and glasses who ROCKS"). This woman was new, and did some of her vet internship abroad, so she's familiar with dogs like Tessie and she's really nice and very knowledgeable and spent a lot of time with us. <3 <3 <3 to her.

In more Dog Mono Fun, I now have to take her temperature to keep an eye on it. Hi, doggie, since we're just starting the process of trying to get you to trust me and trust people in general, I think the next logical step is for me to stick things up your behind once a day.

And the dog puked up weird foamy stuff on my comforter this morning, which is too big to fit in my washing machine. WOE. (And while it's not funny that the dog is sick, poor thing, it's kind of ridiculous how she unerringly demanded to throw up in the most comfortable place wherever she was. I dragged her outside hoping she would throw up on concrete that I could clean up more easily, and puked on our welcome mat instead. Stay classy.)

In other Sachi's Crazy Pets news, last night the national news segment of our local Oregon evening news did a story on a woman in Kentucky with 32 pet rats.

... which, for those keeping track, is exactly 5 more pet rats than we currently have. National news. At least it was a human interest story, and not "... charges of animal hoarding are pending and the suspect has been taken in for psychiatric evaluation."
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