Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

If my whole flist jumped off a cliff, I'd probably try it once if there was nothing new on the DVR.

So, is Pushing Daisies kind of an hourlong Walgreens commercial? Yes/no? (I had a delightful hour watching it. YAY.)

Private Practice was, um, an hour of me yelling that they destroyed Judge Gray's hair. I'm a little meh on it. *shrugs* It also bugs me that they keep using a romantic-fuzzy lens, like, the whole episode, for no reason.

Dirty Sexy Money, which I haven't heard anyone talking about, actually, is all kinds of rad. I don't know if it's DVR-worthy, but omg, Tal Celes finally gets the boy! And it's pretty and flashy and kind of fun. Also: DONALD SUTHERLAND, ahahaha.

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