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um. oh noes.

Apparently my dog has something much worse than mono. :-/

She has some crazy form of Ehrlichia Canis (that tropical tick-fever thingger that affected all those military dogs in the Vietnam War... I don't know why I know that), and it's all severe/advanced/insane and so they're actually actively worried that my dog's eyes might explode dog may hemhorrage behind her eyes and go blind. She has crazy lesion action all over her skin that I figured was just an allergy to the antibiotic, but apparently is a sign of Very Very Bad Things Related To Ehrlichia. And she has these nosebleeds that I thought were a sign of her getting too close to Thora and Opaka, my mostest fiesty attack rats, but the vet's all "um, nope, she's probably spontaneously bleeding because she has nooooo plaaaaaatelets."

I can't leave work to bring her in immejitly (I know, I know, but if I lose my job I'll never be able to pay for vet care, and Tessie seemed fine and active and non-explody this morning), so I'm taking her in tonight. They're prepping a space for her at the vet hospital on my vet's reccomendation just in case, because after seeing how utterly batshit Tessie's bloodwork is with anemia and the aforementioned noooo plaaatelets, my vet says that she might need A TRANSFUSION. WTF. WWWWTFFFFFF.

The good news is that it's possible that the parasites can all be killed (even though there are a scary-lot of them -- I got the impression there might have been some "holy !@#$!" swearing in the official lab report) and the doggie can recover. But I'll drain my meagre house savings pretty fast and I only have one credit card now with a low limit because I haven't wanted to apply for lines of credit due to hopefully getting a mortgage in the next year (*scratches that and calls B of A to up credit limit*), so I'm a little worried about the dollar cost of all this. *bangs head on desk*

They'll also probably put her on Prednisone, LOL. I wonder if my dog will become a neurotic insomniac who cries a lot and hates everything, like people do on that drug?

I have sent an "omgwtfHELP!" email to the rescue agency. Perhaps they will have an in with the vet hospital for cheap dog blood. :( I also let them know that they need to have all their dogs tested, because this ish is contagious. (Thankfully, not contagious to people without going through a tick, or else I'd start hypochondria-ing about how I am dying of Doggienucleosis, when really, I am just stressed out.)

Which one of you was the one who wanted to name this dog Lemon again? *clings to poor little lemon dog*
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