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if the day ends without your dog's eyes exploding, it's a good day.

After the whole OMGWTFery of yesterday, the rescue organization arranged for me to bring Tessie to their vet (where the rescue organization is paying for it -- YAY). This vet did more blood work, and appealed to my vanity by telling me I have A Very Sweet Dog, which I do.

Lab results came in today, and at this point, her white blood count and platelets and what-have-you have stabilized a bit and so she does not need a transfusion right away.

They have her on doxycycline and prednisone for the next 2 months. After only one night on Prednisone, my Very Sweet Dog has turned into a barking insomniac harpy who shuns housetraining as bourgeois. God help me.

In happy Tessie news, she likes riding in the back of my car so much (probably because I gave her the bully stick besyd sent) that she will now hop in when we drive to the Krispy Kreme or Sonic. She hung out at Sonic with us for a bit yesterday, and even said hi to some carhops! She seemed to enjoy herself with lots of tail-wagging, and I'm finally one of those people who brings my dog places to hang out.
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