Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

my dog is actually the cutest thing ever.

It's official guys: I'm in Doggie Swoon.

It was a few weeks in coming, because it was more important to keep the dog from spontaneously bleeding to death than to fall in love with her, but now I have successfully done both.


I think there are Doggie Things To Discuss and Opinions Of Yours That I Wish To Solicit, but I'm really tired, so instead, picspam!

Awwwww, lookit that wagging tail!

She likes snoozing in the sun, when there is sun. This dog is actually not a dog at all, but a Taiwanese cat.

Action shot!

Now that I have caught you, I will pin you down until you BEND TO MY WILL!

Close up! My, what big teeth you... omigoshsocutenevermind!

SRSLY, MOM, NO TAXATION WITHOUT LJ REPRESENTATION. (Note nose of Tessie on the left there, nosing into the rat protest.)
Tags: international wonder doggie, life: geek!rats

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