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In the Timed Reccing Event, We Have Several Key Players In Contention:

I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for back East!

Normally I read mostly short fics, because I have the attention span of a flea on a hot griddle (or "a person with a sister, a dog and 27 rats all living under the same roof" -- it necessitates about the same amount of hopping up and down and yelping). Howev, I'm about to take off on aforementioned jet plane for a day-long flight and -- TRAGICALLY -- I have no plane-worthy knitting project on the needles.

SO. I'm at work with our snazzy laser printer for the next 5 hours. Rec me long fic to print and take on the plane!

This is a very rare opportunity to get me to read your fave ficnovels, guys, because I will shortly be a flea in a confined space for eight hours. I'm still on the never-ending Sheppard/Weir kick, but don't let that stop you from recing me favorite medium or long fics in other fandoms! :) Please rec yourselves, too, especially if it's recent or, ehm, you think I probably suck and didn't read it.

(Also accepted: favorite plane-worthy knitting patterns!)

I have five hours until I leave work. Ready... GO!


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