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Totally stoked with plane-reading!

For those of you on the Little Red Readalong (... *crickets chirp*...) OKAY, so none of you are on the Little Red Readalong, but anyway.

While flying across this great nation (and back, and the part where I have a layover in Detroit so long that I will have to build shelter for the winter) I will be reading:

Zymotic, a gen Jack!fic novel by meg_tdj. She wrote it long ago to great applause. I failed to read it at the time, but knowing Meg, there's sure to be a whole lot of pain headed Jack's way. It's also been about a thousand years since I've read a gen!fic, so I will read this one when children are sitting next to me.

... where time begins to fade by medie. OH MY GOD I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS ONE. It is, seriously, the most cracked-out-delicious episode of Classic Star Trek re-told on Atlantis, with promise of telepath Sparky porn. CANNOT. WAIT.

astrum_presul has apparently been writing an AU called lantean_manor. Who knew? Everyone, probably, but I've been on a strict low-AU diet and so missed it, or thought it was part of that one where everyone is Jane Austen, or something. I've printed the first few stories to see if I can get in on the fun! It's especially exciting because I think this is a one-woman AU, so I won't have to write anything!

Beyond Repair by irony_rocks. I haven't read nearly enough of her work. Like, not nearly. Was I initially put off by the underscore in her name? Maybe? Who knows why I do anything! But she is a hella awesome writer, and my flights over the prairie states are dedicated to her.

History Repeating by sugargroupie. Her summary was delicious (and deliciously well-spelled), and I can't remember what, if anything, I've read by her before. A wild card! I'll read that one flying over the Rockies, to honor Wild Cards everywhere.

And to further break my AU fast, from miera_c: The Siege and University Years. DAMN YOU ALL. Why doesn't anyone write firemanverse anymore?? I could at least keep up with those. (Don't tell anyone, but I'm really looking forward to reading these. Because. Miera! And there might be cowboys, and porn involving cowboys, and maybe some Red Sox references!)

Lastly, for dessert, I was reccomended a giant fic by oparu, and couldn't find it (in all fairness to the internet, I wasn't really looking very hard), so I downloaded Saying Goodbye, which is OMG EPISODE RELATED FIRST TIME FIIIIC which might be actually my favorite genre ever.

I will be writing The Fandom That Dare Not Speak Its Name for anr. I'm bringing my computer with me to New England, ostensibly for work, realistically because I will have uninterrupted fanfic writing time, holy moses.
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