Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

another one of those milestones to maturity...

I just decided to buy a carpet steamer instead of a Wii.

Though after visiting noradannan and mechasquid and seeing what total bizarro-world games you can play on that thing, and the bit where I'd really like to become awesome at Guitar Hero so I will be less embarrassed on the next visit and apparently that now exists for Wii-

I need a carpet steamer. Really. (And if you're asking "God, who needs her very own carpet steamer?" I will answer you with "Any neurotic twentysomething who has just adopted a non-house-trained dog." Especially when that neurotic twentysomething has left the dog with her not neurotic sister for a week, and the not neurotic sister just called and said, "ehm, don't ask why, but you need to get a carpet steamer.")

If only I didn't need food and shelter I could have both!

(My vacation is awesome. I'm in love with the lack of responsibility. I must cook up some plans to become independently wealthy and/or be paid room and board for knitting, writing, and traveling to see friends and family.)

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