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I. hate. creepy. people. Especially on the internet, where you can't punch them in the face. Or, rather, where you can't console yourself with the possibility that you *could* punch them in the face if they start asking more questions about "authentic redhead sex" for "fanfic research purposes." (for those of you who were not present for any of my high-pitched diatribes on this subject last year, the fanfictional redhead in question is *not* Agent Scully, but the secretary from NewsRadio. NewsRadio!!) He claims that entire incident was a misunderstanding, he didn't even imagine a woman might react badly to that. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. My computer needs a shower.

On the upside, I've won friends and influenced people at my temp job -- I overheard my handler's boss talking about me with Gira's dad, who got me the job (yayyyy nepotism!): "It's amazing what can be accomplished with intelligent help!" On the downside, it is soooooo brainless (it requires concentration a little and organization a lot, but zeeeeeero creativity. I don't even get to punctuate sentences on my own. I can, however, decide which sentence to copy and paste first, so long as they end up in the proper order at the end). Apparently, I'm really really good at that sort of thing. I don't have to go in to work tomorrow, being that it's Christmas eve... I mean, money is money, but I put in overtime today and the desire to stab myself with a pen increases the more uninterrupted hours I spend glued to that particular monitor right-clicking model #s onto cutsheets. But they've given me access to the office supply cabinet... and we all know colour-coded post-it notes (and paper clips! PAPER CLIPS!) are, perhaps, my mortal weakness.

So... tomorrow, unless I wake up on my own, a writing holiday for me... early Christmas present!

-- Little Red, who wishes happy Christmas Eve to herself and to all a good night!

p.s. more ewwww. Justin? Those things crawling around our apartment mostly unhindered by us? Cockroaches. Exotic cockroaches. *whimper* They've all got a vacuum hose with their exotic, cockroachy names on it.

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