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20 November 2007 @ 11:19 am
Hippo Birdie two Ewe!!!  
Happy Birthday karma_aster!!!!!

I have no ficlet prepared for you, because I couldn't decide via my crystal ball what you would most like! So sometime today, drop me a challenge (pairing and any other challenging thingger -- i.e. a place, an object, a bit of dialogue, whatever) and a birthday ficlet will appear! :)

*loves you liek whoa, even when you are sad*
am: werk
feel: happyhappy
Ryuu: lyssie : Brave Little Toasterkarma_aster on November 21st, 2007 09:01 am (UTC)
Oh, gosh...uh...well, SG-1, obviously and, er, something romantic with Jack and Sam because, hell, I'm easy.

Hrm. Something with the poem Desiderata? I really like that poem.

Oh, and at least mentions of Thor. Because I love Thor. He is my Asgard snugglebunny. (nods solemnly)

Er, but don't worry about it if it's too much trouble? It was just kind of you to even offer.