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this just in: you CAN buy happiness!

My new plan: retail therapy.

I know, I know, this is normally the sort of plan that doesn't go along with all my flailing and hand-waving about how my job is kind of up in the air (consider that a Realty TV spoiler!!1!) and how I have no money and want to buy a house someday, but bear with me! (Also: the next time I go "I HAVE NO MOONEEEEEYS!" feel free to slap me with this post to remind me of where it all went.)

So anyway, yesterday was my regular doctor's visit, where I have to go in every six months so they can assess my crazy meds. I'm building up a tolerance to the meds because I've been on the same ones for a year, but I really don't want to up my dose or change them since I am finally able to write and think creatively again, so I lie a bit during the assessment and all is good!

Anyway, they don't force new meds on me yet, but I have to come in for a full workup in 2 weeks. Apparently, my blood pressure is really low (80/50 = bad, y/n?), which hopefully explains the ev0l-death migraines I have three days a week. I have to take this weird hydration replacement powder stuff and drink gatorade like mad, which, ew, because not only is it bright yellow (nature's warning color, guys!), but it also has about a zillian calories and it's like drinking corn syrup. Bleh. Also, I'm underweight again, which is too bad, because for the past month I've been thinking that damn, I'm putting on weight really fast and keep thinking my coworkers and everyone are hinting that I should diet, and apparently that means that I'm not being rationally observant so much as nuts. (It's not fair that 120 is "underweight" for someone my height, because I look huge! GRR. Okay, fine, so I'm a little insane, but at least I'm not too crazy about it.)

So to reward myself for the massive indignity of being forced to drink gatorade and eat things or else be drugged into oblivion, I went out and bought a bunch of DVDs (Fred Meyer is having a big sale -- $20 box sets! If you're in the Greater Portland Area -- run, don't walk.) My low blood pressure makes it so I cannot be held responsible for my actions, I swears!

Now in my possession:
1) Babylon 5, Season 4, because it was starting to annoy me that I run out of DVDs just as the universe was starting to explode!
2) Dead Zone, Season 5, because we'll just pretend that I've actually watched the Season 4 discs I own, because I like complete sets of things, and because Dana Bright was on the back cover!! Srsly, has she been washing her hair for the last two seasons, or what?
3) Atlantis, Season 3, because I really want to watch "The Real World" again and again and then flop around the internet flailing about Jack/Weir some more, most likely.
4) SLC Punk! Because it was $6, and I mention this movie enough that I pretty much need to own it.
5) My Little Pony: The Movie, for sis for xmas. Enough said. :)

Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, I had to go to Powell's to meet someone (who didn't end up showing, but who cares! Powell's!). Seriously, never let me in that store. I run around like a grinning lunatic just petting all the books and grabbing silly paperbacks off carts and hugging them and squealing out loud about the low-price stickers. I love books. (Mostly buying them and owning them, though. I only read them occasionally.) I left with:

1) Eats, Shoots & Leaves, which I knew was going to be my favoritest book in the entire universe before I even read a word of it. Complete with punctuation repair kit to aid in righteous vandalism!
2) DS9: Millennium, which was just so much Star Trek for $6 I couldn't put it down! (Okay, is weird. Why is "Torn Blue Tunic" a key phrase?)
3) Star Trek Mirror Universe, Book 1 and Book 2! MORE ABOUT EVIL HOSHI!! Although truly, there's some woe about how on the back cover it says she married an Andorian and not evil!Travis, because evil!Hoshi/Travis is so my OTP for that universe. WOE.
4) The Good That Men Do, an Enterprise novel that seems to be a giant printed fix-it fic for The Finale That Did Not Happen. Hopefully it will go back in time and un-rape that once-awesome TNG episode, because that would be swell.
5) Body Type, a totally unbelievable tattoo book that I've been thinking about for a whole year since I first saw it. Totally stunning. I might need to get a coffee table for this one, and you all know how I hate coffee tables.
6) A renewed need to find and read the rest of the post-DS9 the-saga-continues book series. OMG. They look so. good, I can just never find them in order.

Yay! So yes, a few irresponsible swipes of plastic, but think: hundreds of hours of gleee! Fewer side effects than upping my crazy meds, too, and I literally skipped back to the car with so much joy.

So there. All my Eastern meditating & yoga & holistic diet didn't help me all that much, so we're going full-on Western now: shopping, drugs & gatorade.

God help me.
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