Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

maxing out my daily posting allowance

I would do Diamonds and Coal, but it's 2 am. OMG.

Bad: That bit I mentioned earlier about how we were all kind of just given notice at my job, although no one quite knows when we will be axed, but in the meantime we'll have to deal with lots of yelling people and my coworkers banging their heads against the walls and crying into their iced tea.

Good: I re-did my LJ, icons & profile to make myself feel better! It is Peanuts-themed. Yay! Snoopy is truly a dog for all seasons. I can also keep changing the header so that Happiness Is... different things on different days, because I'd like to be cool like that.

Bad: I can't figure out how to remove the tags section in this theme I'm using. And I have a lot of ridiculous tags that I used, like, twice, but can't bear to part with. I also can't seem to switch it to show just basic view when you click "reply," so you'll be subjected to my desire to pretend to be inside a newspaper comic strip. Let me know if it really buggers things up.

Good: One of you might know how to fix these things!

Bad: It's 2 am. OMG.

Good: It really did make me feel better, though. :)

And for tomorrow:

Happy Birthday lisayaeger!
(birthday fic is coming! ehm, hopefully soon, even!)
Tags: peeps: yay fellow humans!

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