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22 November 2007 @ 08:57 pm
They may be store-bought! They may be hand-made! They may include pressies! They make not! They may arrive via carrier rat because I am unable to find postage! But ARRIVE THEY WILL! :)

Please to give me your personal details below! Comments are screened for ze privacy.

Please include details like whether or not you will start a riot if you receive a card of a particular denomination (or if you do not receive a card of a particular denomination, because crosses and angels and things will probably only emerge upon request), whether you prefer/are allergic to any particular colors, ETC!

Also, I want possibly-denominational-holiday-cards from YOU! If you offered and I missed it, please let me know because I will happily fork over addresses unless you plan to stalk me unpleasantly!

Thank you,

The Elves.
feel: cheerfulfestive