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best weekend to-do list EVARR!

I have a job interview!!! On Thursday! WITH THE BEST JOB EVER!! (Knitting! Writing! Moderating online knit-alongs and helping knitters over the internet! FOR A JOB. SERIOUSLY.)

They called to ask what my online experience was with moderating stuff. Who says fandom never gets you anywhere? I told them about the yahoo!groups and livejournal communities that I started/moderate (without giving details -- because, seriously, sheppard_n_weir would do more harm than good) and they were all "that's exactly what we need!" They asked if I ever help other people in my role as moderator and was all "omg, I edit stories for people!" and they were all "Oooooh!" YAY FANDOM OMG YOU WIN. (I believe I said "groups related to television shows and also to novice writers" instead of "societies for the proliferation of pornographic fanfic.")

I need to bring to my interview A SELECTION OF THINGS I HAVE KNIT!

*gleeee* and *eeeeep!*

This means my weekend will be spent knitting like a fiend, because a lot of my stuff has either been mailed off as gifts or is Very Well-Worn-In by now (like the teddy that sister sleeps with or the socks we wear all the time or my favorite sweater, etc, etc...).

Unfortunately for the purposes of showcasing my mad ski11z, I've been on a serious garter stitch kick lately. On the needles right now I have a log cabin garter-stitch blanket and a garter stitch with twisted-drop-stitches scarf/hat set, and I'm sort of a one-trick-pony right now.

Things I have that I could bring:

- Socks because I designed the pattern, even though they are getting a little fuzzy & faded.
- Sister's teddy, maybe -- it's cute but also fun-fur-ish.
- Favorite Cabled Sweater.
- Cutesy flower-shaped baby booties that have not yet been gifted.
- Pictures of double-knitting stuff I sent to besyd, as I no longer have any of it in my possession (but it is my favorite thing evarrr to do. I love jacquard knitting liek whoa and use it as much as possible in color work, since I hate the untidiness of stranding).

I'm seriously lacking in lace knitting things to show (or crazy fair isle colorwork, but one problem at a time). I can and do knit lace, but it's always for gifts because, um, I'm always really cold and lace knitting seems like a waste of perfectly good yarn that could be used to make things without holes.

I could knit lacy socks, maybe? Would that count as lace? I have sock yarn intended for socks for my parents... but I know my mom won't wear lacy socks because she, like me, prefers clothing without air conditioning, and the yarn is medium-sock-weight so it's not really meant for lace anyway and *sucks in deep breath.*

I don't really have the yarn stash for doing anything fair aisle, so we'll ignore that.

Other possible things I am going to knit for xmas anyway that could be weekend projects:
- Non-lacy yet nice socks!
- Cabled scarf (with soooooft alpaca yarn -- a knitting place would be taken in by soft yarn, yes?). How would lace look with worsted alpaca? Oy.
- Simple stockinette neck/headwarmer, perhaps with textured borders, for Mom. Also involves alpaca. (I love them little llamas.)
- Tiny felted barnyard animals that are to-die-for cute. I bought a kit from etsy and my dad reeeeeally wants a tiny felted goat for xmas, for reasons unknown.

I want them to think I'm awesome! What should I doooooo?? (Surf the internet for pattern ideas, obviously!) Do I suck as a knitter for not having tons of super-complicated stuff just lying around finished? They won't think I suck, WILL THEY???

I'm also thinking that I could overachieve and take pictures and write sample step-out instructions of whatever project I do this weekend as a sample, since doing projects just like that is the core of the job. I am SO okay with being branded a suck-up if it lands me THE BEST JOB EVER (tm). (I'd post it, of course, so you guys could mock and/or use.)

In case they don't think I am cool enough, I also have an intake interview with a higher-end (legal, hr, admin) placement agency on Monday. I get to do online proficiency testing after work today.

Talk knitting with me, guys! :)
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