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mmmm... snain.

In a few moments I will brave the "icy mix of rain and slush" between here and the great wilds of Toronto, Ontario, on an international mission of reconnaissance for "Operation Ass" (tm Rina Jean).

Apologies to meg_tdj for not getting the story she wanted off to her before departing... now it will be well and truly mulled on my total of 20 hrs in a car by myself! If I'm not too insane by the end to actually type anymore. We'll see.

If you're *in* the GTA and wish to see me, drop me an email... otherwise I will be in touch as internet connection permits, or on Sunday/Monday when I return to the US of A.

Reports on success or failure of "Operation Ass" to follow.


-- Little Red, who finds the weather reports as fickle as she

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