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it's like being hit in the head with a baseball bat. made of cute.

Do you ever get the feeling like you were all oh, I have a headache, and someone was all here, have an aspirin, except really it was a totally addictive drug that left you hopped up and jonesing for more UNBELIEVABLE CUTE?

Because one of sis's friends sent us a youtube link with a clip from this kids' show, and sister and I stayed up until 2 a.m. watching all the clips possible on youtube and planning to dye our hair and she wants bangs and I want lots of pink wigs and we set a DVR series recording, and I kind of want to completely change my livejournal now so that it is ENTIRELY PINK.

For those of you going "wtf?" allow me to relay the information I have gathered thus far:

1) "LazyTown" is a show intended for children, with puppets and happy messages about brushing your teeth and things.

2) They spontaneously break into song, as you do in kids' shows, except this is probably the only one that routinely breaks into HAPPY HARDCORE TECHNO (about brushing your teeth and things).

3) It involves possibly the cutest child ever born, and IN A PINK WIG.

4) It's not made in Japan. I know! I was shocked as well! This show is further proof that Iceland is actually the most awesomely bitchin' nation on Earth.

For those of you not going "wtf?":

If you knew about this show, WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME?

CLICK, IF YOU DARE, the following youtube links of adorable crackishness:

"Cooking By The Book" -- My gateway drug. I know, the puppets are a little scary, but the little girl with pink hair is SO CUTE!

"Bing Bang" -- The happiest little techno song you have ever heard in children's programming. EVER. OMG.

"Mine" -- Okay, this is a puppet again. But it's clever, in a Muppet Movie sort of way. Apparently, the song was originally Finnish (Finnish, guys), which means the translator is extra brilliant.

fanvid: "Best Friend" by Toybox -- This is my favoritest, most ridiculousest song ever, and somebody vidded it to this ridiculous show, and it works poifectly.

Before you dis, just think: if I hadn't been tricked into taking cutepills in the form of LazyTown, my daily LJ entry would have been about woeful deprayshons and self-destructive habits. This is MUY BETTAR, n'est pas?
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