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So much xmassing! :)

Today I did first real shoppings, because I was at an interview right next to the Lloyd Center mall and, um, the promise of shopping was about all that convinced me to get up and go to it. So yay, shopping! Pressies! Stuff! Commercialism FTW!

I'm a terribly unorganized Christmas shopper and I LOVE EET. I don't even have a list of people. I just wander around for hours and buy gifts when something jumps off the shelves, which means I buy things for some completely random people I barely know, and at the end of the month I end up with a closetful of gifts for two people and nothing at all for the rest of my family. Oy! I still haven't found The Perfect Pressie for mi sister alosersdream (ever since she went and got a fianceish man-friend I'm wary of sending her shirtless posters of Johnny Depp, which was really my mainstay for her).

Apparently our office is doing Secret Santas after all, which makes me a little mad, because we said we wouldn't do it due to IMPENDING UNEMPLOYMENT AND DOOM and therefore I didn't order things that I would have ordered if someone had told me about this more than TWO DAYS before the exchange. I have no idea what to get for her on short notice.

And then I got home to more xmassing!! :) cnidarian, your pressie arrived and sister wrapped it before I could see! (So I will still pretend to be surprised, omgyay!) And thank you so much for CARDS which are now on my tree to alianne, jacksrubberduck and slm76!


In non-xmas news, I got official reject notices from a couple of jobs and am interviewing for a couple more. Today, I had a wonderful interview for a wonderful position that does not actually exist. They want me to come back tomorrow to meet more people for this entirely hypothetical position, which would be soooo exciting if, you know, they hadn't already told me there pretty much wasn't a job? They also want me to draw up sample marketing materials for them, for fun, maybe. Very confusing. I also have a phone interview with an industrial company who is disappointed that I do not have more experience with hydraulics. I don't know what a hydraulic is. I just looked at their website, and it really didn't clear it up for me at all. *feels rather terminally unqualified*
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