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Putting Things In Perspective

Hrm. My sister's boyfriend just drank a whole bottle of wine and isn't wearing any pants, and he's about to meet her parents for the first time. This makes me LOL quite a bit.

It also makes me feel a little neurotic for stressing out so much about how the floor hasn't been steam-cleaned when the parents are required to love me. And even if I don't keep a disinfected house, I'm totally wearing pants!

That's not even the strangest thing I saw today, either. I went out to my interview with the peeps what work with hydraulics today, right? Their plant is in the industrial wasteland strip mall between Northwest Portland and Jantzen Beach, which is a lot farther than I thought it was. On the way, I passed Portland's Premier Self-Service Auto Wrecking.


You can wreck your own autos? Without supervision? More importantly -- if this is the premier Self-Service Auto Wrecking facility in Portland, does this mean there are perhaps others, and that this might be a booming Portland industry of which I was previously unaware?

I am such a little stressball right now I feel sort of incapable of actually doing anything on my pressing immediate to-do list, and have absolutely no idea what to do with myself. My newest source of stress is the realization that once I manage to find another job, I will actually have to learn another job. Holy crap. Wah. I sort of feel like I need a beach vacation to recover from the job hunt instead of, you know, starting another job. ;)

This entry did not to a whole lot to put things in perspective for me. Perhaps, for that, I will need to get drunk and take off pants?
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