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Little Red

More Chrissimas Gleee!

ZOMG YAY!!! Moar cards! :-D Thank you besyd, majorsamfan and ... omg, I don't have them right in front of me for I am at work, and I got a card from someone with a cat-related username! Proper kudos will come later. :-P

And a Mysterious Envelope from phrenitis which sister grabbed and wrapped before I could open and said "Remember how last Christmas she sent you presents but they were really FOR ME?" (because last Christmas there was Harry Potter stuff, and by default, anything Harry Potter that enters our home is automatically my sister's). And bracelets from calleigh_j that she might have made herself but I can't tell! Are they handmade, sistah? :) I opened them before Christmas, but that's yay, because I could then wear them with my Christmassy outfit to work today. :)

Eeeee. I am super-psyched for xmas now that I have a job and am no longer running on caffeine and crazy-fumes. However, it's in just a few days, so I will probably end up doing a lot of Christmas! In! January! things for my friends and relations, especially All Y'All.

I'd really like to be writing stocking-stuffer fanficlets right now (I'm at work, but, um, it's the weekend before Christmas and pouring rain and nobody wants to buy a condo today)! But it's a bit of a challenge to switch back from Holy Employment Stress! to Random Family Gleee! mode. Please give me little challenges! :-D

Until you give me challenges, I will be here pretending that I can actually finish knitting these pressies in the next three days. Christmas! In! January! for the win, and also for the necessity.

Edit: The challenges don't have to be holiday-themed! But they can be. :)
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