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diamonds and coal

First: ANYONE WHO KNOWS -- how long will nacl be in PVD? If I come back Sunday morning instead of Saturday will I miss you completely?

Now, the actual post.

Out of nostalgia for Fridays with the Brown Daily Herald... my recent days:

coal to potholes. My car is now making very scary death-grinding noises that need to be looked at.

cubic zirconia to Berkshire weather. It is *gorgeous* outside, but I'm paranoid it's only teasing. You know you've lived in New England too long when your father says on April 30th "I made an appointment for you to get your snow tires taken off" and you panic that it's too soon.

diamond to the Quantum Xerrion Consciousness Interface for bringing sentences like "I'm combing your DNA to remove alien life forms" and "I've got to remember to seal your aura before you leave" to my Thursday morning.

diamond to the Maple Leafs, for tying up the series 2-2! GO LEAFS!!! (and thanks jammer0307 for telling me that they won!) And on that note, diamond to the Red Sox! Second straight sweep! SWEET. But coal to Texan weather for postponing tonight's game, and for threatening to knock out besyd's electricity.

cubic zirconia to Wal-Mart. Your clothes are cheap. And look it.

artificial diamond to my parents. It started out as coal, for going all insane about me not being better NOW and not having a job and being frivolous and "If you have enough energy to watch the Red Sox game, how can you possibly still have mono?" But we talked, and now they're cool, and the coal has been so pressed into diamond form by the wonderful thing that is having parents who are mostly rational human beings.

coal to not having television at home on Friday Night Stargate. Well... maybe like half a coal, since it *is* kind of nice. But still.

diamond to my sister mystic_isles000 for becoming a Stargate addict TODAY! HA! This, and the wacky commercial break phone hijinks ("I'm addicted to Stargate!" "Since when?" "Right now." ... "Wait... who's Jack?" "Her commanding officer guy! They need to have sex. A lot." "The cute guy with the weird voice and the snake in the head?" "NO! The other guy." "He's her father!" "No, the OTHER other guy!") gave me absolutely ridiculous amounts of gleee. And coal to me for NOT REALISING that Felger is Harold from the Red Green Show!!!! That just made those episodes six thousand times funnier. Felger and Phlox save the universe. My God, that's brilliant, and I take back like twenty mean things I've said about this series just for that. (I snark because I love)

many many diamonds to keenween for giving me his half of our Stargate boxed sets :) (I mean, along with the usual diamond for being the Best Roommate Ever and for hooking me on Stargate to begin with) You have no idea how happy this makes me. Okay, maybe you have *some* idea given how often I shriek at the TV when Stargate is on. And how sad I make you by writing fanfic.

And, for saidshe, diamond to cursed milk. Because thinking of the BDH always makes me think of cursed milk.

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