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Day Two: Or, A Cry For Help

I'm obsessed with Voyager again. There are a lot of things to blame for this. aj, for one, and all of her indulging my desire to chat about baby Ocampa. My sister, whose Star Trek obsession cycles match my own pretty well. My dad, for buying us un-labeled Asian import DVDs with a play-all function. There's a lot of blame to go around, but to blame for this post is that I have 1) the day off, and 2) a cold that has flattened me to my bed, a whole room away from my television, and my brain is too squishy to write fic.

Season One: "Aww, look at the little woobies!"

Best Episode: "Caretaker." That episode was pretty solid and faboo.

Episode I Never Get Tired Of: "The Cloud." It's so light-hearted and funny and I would totally watch it on loop. Neelix is just brilliant. "This ship is the match of any within a thousand light-years, and what do they do with it? Uh, well, let's see if we can't find some space anomaly today that might rip it apart!" I could probably quote the whole thing, too.

Episode That Never Happened: You know, there aren't many things I'd like to erase from the first season. If I have to pick one, I'd say "Jetrel," but just because I don't really like the episode.

Episode In Greatest Need of a Little Red Edit: Again, it was too early in the series for them to have really botched things up. I suppose someone could have given "Cathexis" a point beyond being Chakotay's Big Coma Episode TM (everyone has one – it's the episode where they're a central character to the story but spend the whole time unconscious on a biobed), but that's neither here nor there.

J/C Episode of the Season: "The Cloud," because they totally have their first date, and he gets her high.

P/T Episode of the Season: "Faces." ZOMG. They bond over her tragic childhood sadness and then he takes care of her! All it took was major genetic manipulation!

Wild Card Award: "Eye of the Needle" wins the coveted Episode Taped Most Times onto VHS award, because we didn't have it on tape the first time it aired, so we compulsively taped it every time it re-ran for a total of about seven appearances in our VHS collection.

Season Two: "Oh, I suppose we'd better have some plots and things."

Best Episode: "Deadlock." Effing awesome. I imagine that other people would say "Death Wish" because it has Q and a deep important social message and what-have-you, but it always bugged me that humans went to the continuum and their brains didn't implode.

Episode I Never Get Tired Of: "Twisted." It's just early-season cuteness, and I love it.

Episode That Never Happened: "Tattoo." Mostest. Dumbest. Episode. Evar. It beat out "Initiations" on my scale of Dumb Chakotay Episodes, and that's saying a lot.

Episode In Greatest Need of a Little Red Edit: "Threshold," but it's a minor one – they should have at least done something to ensure that the offspring on the planet weren't going to die horribly without their giant human-lizard parents.

J/C Episode of the Season: "Resolutions," which is actually the J/C episode of the series. I've watched that episode more than just about any other episode ever, because every time Star Trek is mentioned, my mom yells "The Bathtub Episode!" This episode also wins the award of Most Traumatizing Previews, because I totally believed that they were writing Janeway off the show, and I couldn't concentrate in school all week.

P/T Episode of the Season: There might not be one. Tom's in lust with Kes, B'Elanna's in love with Chakotay, but they do hang out and make fun of each other in "Twisted" a bit, so we'll go with that one.

Wild Card Award: For the award of Most Influential Episode On My Young Mind, there can be none other than "Persistance of Vision." It wasn't the first time people made out on Star Trek, but it was definitely the first time my sister and I were old enough to care. We'd stay up at night in our room giggling non-stop about how Chakotay would someday FIND OUT that B'Elanna had this huge crush on him and tee-hee-hee sexing on our teevee!

Season Three: "Holy crap, we have writers!"

Best Episode: It's a tough call, but I think "Before and After" is so well-done, and so generally awesome, that I forgive them for the confusing act of changing Kes's hair during a time-travel episode.

Episode I Never Get Tired Of: "Displaced." If you can't tell by now, I love the ensemble episodes that are kind of just random and fun.

Episode That Never Happened: Oh, gawrsh. I could do without "Rise," for sure, but I'm not sure if I could do without it more than I could do without "The Swarm."

Episode In Greatest Need of a Little Red Edit: "Darkling." WTF, Kes and Neelix breaking up off-screen!

J/C Episode of the Season: "Coda." And how. Let me count the ways, and they include Chakotay crying, Janeway imagining Chakotay crying, teasing each other on a shuttlecraft and the fact that they are TOTALLY DATING at the end!

P/T Episode of the Season: Heh. Heh. "Blood Fever."

Wild Card Award: The award of Best Episode Label On A Little Red Family VHS Tape goes to "Macrocosm" for the title of "Rambo Janeway."

Season Four: "We still have writers! And also a new character in a catsuit! ZOMG!"

Best Episode: "The Killing Game." This season there was a lot of tough competition, but none as awesome as this episode. Also, Voyager gets to be a Real Science Fiction Series now, because it has had Nazis. (It's a rule.)

Episode I Never Get Tired Of: I believe that would be "The Killing Game" as well.

Episode That Never Happened: Now, this category needs to be split into two, because "Year of Hell" is actually an episode that didn't happen, which was a pretty major letdown at the end. However, in terms of episodes I can really do without, there's none better than "Nemesis." Good lord, just erase it right now. I think it was at this point that someone on the creative team went, "You know, maybe we just shouldn't do any more Chakotay episodes."

Episode In Greatest Need of a Little Red Edit: "The Gift." KES DOES NOT LEAVE. END OF STORY.

J/C Episode of the Season: "Hunters." There were some pretty awesome moments in "Scorpion," but the fact that they kind of hate each other by the end overrides that one. So we'll go with "Hunters," and how Janeway is single now, and Chakotay's all *ears perk up.*

P/T Episode of the Season: "Day of Honor," of course. And then the rest of the season, because they're pretty much doing it whenever neither of them are on-screen.

Wild Card Award: In the category of Best Comedy Episode, "Message in a Bottle" is the clear victor. EHM-mark-2 for the win.

Season Five: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…"

Best Episode: I have so many favorites in this season. "Counterpoint" is a really fabulous episode. "Gravity" is just unbelievably good, and I'm not even sure why. "Drone" is wonderful, in a way that harkens back to Next Gen's "I, Borg." I think we need to declare a three-way tie.

Episode I Never Get Tired Of: "Bride of Chaotica!" It's so totally wonderful, and it has the spirit of those early light-hearted seasons.

Episode That Never Happened: We might also have a tie for this one, because I hate "Think Tank" with blinding passion and "Nothing Human" has some questionable contributions from the props department, and the dumbest episode is definitely "The Fight." Come on. Chakotay boxes an alternate dimension? But it's all trumped by "Equinox," the season-ending cliffhanger that finally made clear to me why everyone in the universe hates Janeway.

Episode In Greatest Need of a Little Red Edit: "Course: Oblivion." Great episode, but the last five minutes didn't happen. See, Harry and Seven actually get their ship back to the Demon-class planet, reformulate everyone, reformulate the ship minus the killer death warp drive, and then hang around that part of space having babies and making peace and forging a new Delta Quadrant Federation! TRUE FACT. The best part about that episode is how they're all so much better at being them than the originals. It's hilarious.

J/C Episode of the Season: "Timeless." Sister and I watched this episode and all our babbling about "tee hee, they're totally dating!" sort of ground to a halt when they have candlelit dinner and music and suggestive conversation and we're all "… wait, they're actually dating?"

P/T Episode of the Season: For a season in which they're dating and there are lots of scattered moments, it's kind of hard to find an actual episode. Even though it's not really them, I'll have to go with "Course: Oblivion."

Wild Card Award: The award of Best Guest Star Relationship goes to Harry and Tal in "The Disease." If I had the ability to fix-it more than one episode in a season, she would totally be living on Voyager having glowy sex with Harry right now.

Season Six: "Oh, wait, it might still be the worst of times."

Best Episode: "Riddles" is sweet and heartwarming, and it's a Tuvok episode where he doesn't go crazy, do mind melds, or try to kill anyone! Good times.

Episode I Never Get Tired Of: There really isn't one this season. I do like "Good Shepherd" and "Fair Haven," but for this special season of specialness, I think we'll forego a whole episode and just say that I could watch the Science Fair scene from "Child's Play" (I think) endlessly without ever losing my desire to squeee.

Episode That Never Happened: There's a lot of competition in this category this season. We can talk about "The Voyager Conspiracy," in which someone thought it would be great to have a clip show without actually showing any clips. There's "Muse," where B'Elanna crash-lands a shuttle in the middle of a Greek play and we all learn that she really shouldn't quit her day job to become a writer. We can talk about "Tsunkatse," which guest-stars THE ROCK AS HIMSELF, for God's sake. But really, the one that most needs to be deleted is "Fury," because it sucks so hard that it reaches back in time to ruin all my love for my favorite character ever. Kesssss!!!

Episode In Greatest Need of a Little Red Edit: I'd say "Fury," but there's no way I could repair it. The whole thing needs to go.

J/C Episode of the Season: There really aren't any good ones. They get all paranoid at each other in "The Voyager Conspiracy," they hate each other again in "Equinox," and they sort of tolerate each other the rest of the time. If I have to pick one, I'll go with "Fair Haven."

P/T Episode of the Season: "Alice." She actually says "I need you," and everyone squeees.

Wild Card Award: The award for Best Science-Fiction goes to "Blink of an Eye," where we get to watch the entire evolution of a planet in 43 minutes. Good stuff.

Season Seven: "The Home Stretch!"

Best Episode: "Workforce." I know this story has been done by other shows, including Stargate, but it's still a good one, and we get to see Janeway happy, which is a little heartbreaking.

Episode I Never Get Tired Of: "Shattered." I love this episode. If I had to have only one episode of Voyager for the rest of my life, it'd be this one.

Episode That Never Happened: "Homestead." Nuh-uh. No way. Neelix is too busy being with Kes, who is off-camera.

Episode In Greatest Need of a Little Red Edit: I'd say "Endgame," because it just somehow ends the series with the feeling of a let-down, but I'm not sure how I would fix it.

J/C Episode of the Season: "Shattered," omg! They are STILL DATING! And first-season Janeway totally wants him, and would totally bitch-slap current Janeway for not jumping him and giving him babies!

P/T Episode of the Season: "Drive" is entirely about them, obviously, but I think "Lineage" is an even better episode for their relationship.

Wild Card Award: The William T. Riker Award for Best Use of Holodeck Privileges is given to "Human Error." I actually really like that episode. Will Riker would, too. (Come on, what fanfic writer can't identify with that episode, at least a little? She writes fanfic about the crew!)
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