Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

State of the Union

Reasons I have been incommunicado:

1) I have a new job. It's insane like you wouldn't believe. My weekdays now involve running around putting out metaphorical fires like a crazy woman from 8-6, then taking my long-ass commute home, waching The Daily Show and faceplanting into my mattress until I have to start all over again. Seriously. If I manage to sweet-talk myself into the shower and/or get into pajamas, it's a banner day.

2) I am writing an effing novel for the swficathon. I don't know! It just happened! I blame aj, who enabled a particularly ill-advised plot idea in the middle of the night while I was flailing about deadlines. So apologies to phrenitis on two counts: One, that it's going to be late, and two, that you're actually going to have to read something that will be many thousands of words long.

3) I am deeply ashamed that I still haven't watched this season of Atlantis. I am all "'lantis!" and sister is all "LANTIS!" and my brain is all *roll over and twitch at the thought of taking in new information.*

Exciting things what have happened:

1) I have a new iphone!

2) I have a new laptop!

Important Public Service Announcements:

1) RUN, DON'T WALK to your local Victoria's Secret for MAD AWESOME JANUARY SALE GOODNESS. $50 bras for $15!

2) Ditto your local Aerosoles store, only it is [-bras] and [+shoes]!

In Summation:

So, yah. I have a vague desire to scream a lot. The best way to reach me in the meantime is by text message (I changed phones! I have iphone! Same Rhode Island number, tho), because I can then send you brilliantly-crafted texts like "AUGHGHGHGHGHHH!!!" while I'm standing in line at the post office. Email me for #, si tu veux.

I LOVE YOU ALL, BUT AM ALL STRESSED SO AM NO FUN! Catch you when I get sane again! (You know, relatively speaking.) :-D

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