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Little Red

Diamonds & Coal

Diamond to my boss's awesome business coach. She talked my boss into meeting my salary bottom line and invited me to a Wii party at her house where I met real live humans that I want to be friends with! She doesn't have a Realty TV II name yet (I wanted to call her "Jay-Jay" to point out that she is approaching Kay-Kay levels of awesome, but that would be silly), but I love her.

Cubic Zirconium to the Boston Red Sox. You may have been swept by the Blue Jays, but at least you didn't crash into each other in the outfield in a way that was pretty hilarious the first eight times it was instant-replayed.

Diamond to anr! She called me from AUSTRALIA and put on the most adorable AUSTRALIAN accent just for meeee!! (I'm being told that, actually, she probably sounds that adorable all the time.)

Coal to my long-ass commute. Seriously. It's like an anti-social-life artillery spread. We'd move, but the Sister may be moving to Seattle in a few months to follow her boyfriend, so we can't take a lease out anywhere. Arg.

For that matter, coal to Seattle! Sure, you've got great things like fyca and a stable real estate market, but your superior traffic patterns are luring my sister away!

A rather sand-covered diamond to the dog park! I seem to have started a tradition of owning dogs with hilarious runs. Angel (of blessed memory) still wins with her boing!boing! mimicking of the local deer, but Tessie has this seriously amusing low-to-the-ground ears-back bunny-rabbit run (both her front feet hit the ground at the same time, then both her back feet) that just never gets old.


Items of note:

TV Turnoff Thursdays: It's a new thing we're trying in the Aloha Island Abode, because we somehow became those people who always have Golden Girls playing in the background. I've discovered that having no TV means that I run more errands and go to sleep practically with the sun. My sister catches up on World of Warcraft, just like the pioneers did in the olden days before television. God bless.

Recipe of the Week: In my neverending quest to find things wrong with myself and create elaborate strategies to repair them, I've decided to learn a new recipe every week to turn me into a less hopeless cook. (I'm not a chef by any stretch of the imagination. Without an elaborate strategy, I would eat grape-nuts every meal for a few weeks, then fried-egg-sandwiches for a few weeks, then back to grape-nuts. When left to my own devices, I live in perpetual breakfast mode.) Last week was an exciting tofu-curry crock-pot dish that was quite edible. This week's adventure is a split-pea-carrot soup that's slow-cooking right now. If it's good, I'll share the recipe!

This week's Irony Award is given out after I spent a few hours cleaning and rearranging my craft stashes and realized how many bags of unfinished projects I have, and I thought that, instead of finishing any of them, I should totally cross-stitch myself a lovely little design that says FINISH that I could hang up in my craft space as a reminder to finish projects before starting new ones!

... Okay, so I didn't really have anything useful to say, but at least I've proven I'm alive!

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