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Very Important Trill-Related Questions!

Friday is still a work day, but this week has wiped me out so throughly, I'm okay with taking my morning break by soliciting flist opinions on this very important Star Trek conundrum.

Okay, so, Sister and I were watching DS9's "Way of the Warrior" the other night as part of our Kasidy Yates marathon (we're such nerds), and we got into an argument about the Trill. See, in that episode, Dax has a holosuite version of a Sexy Trill Spa, and there are holographic Trill massage boys wearing wee shorts and nothing else. And I go, "HEY! Aren't Trill supposed to have a line on their stomachs for the symbiont pocket?" And Sister is all, "Um, no," and we hashed out the following nerdy pro-and-con evidence:

Reasons Against a Symbiont Pouch Opening:
1) TNG's Odan had no visible pocket. (He also has no spots, though.)
2) Holographic nearly-naked peeps in this episode.
3) "Um, why would they have a pocket? They're not kangaroos."

Reasons For a Symbiont Pouch Opening:
1) In DS9's "Invasive Procedures," Dax totally does. We were pretty sure the line was there pre-surgical-incision, but Gira says we should write that off as Season Two Makeup and nothing more.
2) Dax always wears a one-piece swimsuit, even when Kira is in a bikini. And Dax is much more of a hussy than Kira, so there must be a reason.
3) "Wouldn't some kind of orifice-y thing have evolved in the Trill? Because I can't imagine they discovered they were a joined species one time when someone said 'hey, let me slice a hole in you and see what happens if I put this slug in here...'"

Once we got talking about Odan, we thought about something else very Trill-important. Since the Enterprise folk have no idea about the Trill join-i-ness, we have to assume it's a big secret and no one knows. I also got the idea from something (possibly The Lives of Dax) that the Trill are pretty xenophobic, and don't want other people to know about the symbionts. So, do you think the Trill were basically outed after "The Host," and somebody on Trill sent out a press release, and all joined Trill got some sort of memo that they could now tell aliens about the symbionts? Curzon Dax knew Sisko before "The Host," timeline-wise, so I wonder if there was a moment of "Well, hey, apparently we can talk about this now, so... surprise!"

Please weigh in on these pressing issues, or else I will worry that I am the only one who thinks about these things.
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