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What baseball alternate-universe have we stumbled in to? Seriously? Seriously? The Yankees are at the bottom of the AL East and the TAMPA BAY DEVIL RAYS are at #1!? (But if the Tampa Bay baseball team is at the top of the division and no one goes to their ballpark to watch it, does it still count?)

I mean, I know it's only May, so it's still assuredly just a statistical fluke, but it still confuses my sense of order in the world.

ALSO, I keep watching this clip of what Dan Lamothe of Red Sox Monster rightfully called the Mannyest play that Manny ever Mannyed in his Manny Being Manny life. I love everyone crowding around the monitor to watch the replay. <3 <3 <3 This is one case of awesome highlight reel TOTALLY trumps the fact that they lost the game.

And I love hearing the NESN announcers again. I miss NESN so hard.

I lost the game. Dammit!
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