Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

Getting a reputation...

Okay, so now I'm back at DoveLewis with Celeste, who got her leg torn open and needs emergency sutures. She's happily munching a carrot, but I was a little perturbed by how I can see her whole thigh muscle. The vet hospital has some of the same people on staff as last night, and I can only hope that my file reads "incredibly unlucky rat owner" rather than "incredibly irresponsible."

New boy-who-needs-a-nickname has been very patient with my "um, yah, so for the second time in one weekend I cancel due to RATMERGENCY."

edit: Needs SURGERY. More than $500. And since she saw a vet it's animal abuse for me to just take her home and make her comfy, so no choice. I am now scary-ass broke, but Celeste will be ok (I hope - sometimes rats die of anaesthesia), and she will have a hilariously cute cone collar (on a RAT) so I'm trying not to freak out about food, and how I will buy it.

SRSLY. No more pets. REMIND ME.
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