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new Red Sox boyfriend :)

So, I started writing this whiny, bitchy livejournal entry about fighting with my father about my health and moving back home and stuff...

And then the Red Sox have a (five-run!) inning like *this.* And Pokey Reese is SO my replacement Red Sox boyfriend until Trot Nixon comes back, because he just hit an inside the park home run AND an outside the park homerun *in the same game!!*

That, plus the Stargate movie being on TV this morning (now I really want to watch the series pilot... hmm... the only thing between me and that is crossing the room to get the DVD box, I think I can handle that), is the random joy my TV has brought me today :)

-- Little Red, who will now go snooze by the light of the TV some more

edited to shriek: AND CURT SCHILLING FREAKING RULES! and just pitched the whole game :) He's such a fan's ballplayer. Love him.

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