Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

"Have you seen this blogger?"

Hello lovely online peeps! I have missed you! daisycm83 made threats of creating Have You Seen Little Red? milk cartons if I did not haul my ass back to the internet, so here I am! :)

(daisycm83 is WONDERFUL, by the way. Actually, she's exactly as wonderful as she is online, only she's three-dimensional and gives hugs! I'm convinced that if me, aj and Christi all got together somewhere, seismic detectors in the area would register the sudden increase in hand-flailing gleee.)

So here's what's up in MY LIFE:

1) I am unemployed! Still. I haven't made great strides to remedy this, which is very bad, as I am kind of broke now. Realty TV II broke my brain in sad sad ways, so trying to re-up the gumption that I am not an epic failure is, well, a bit of a drag.
2) I am freelancing a bit, but haven't yet been paid for any of it, so it doesn't really seem like the best way to make a living. :-/
3) I have a boyfriend that makes everyone in the world jealous. IN THE WORLD.
4) *FLAIL* I am having a health insurance CRISIS, which comes of having my health insurance plan run by the state. They cancelled my health insurance for a late payment, DIDN'T TELL ME FOR THREE MONTHS (during which I kept paying them, and didn't notice the checks weren't being cashed) and keep promising to reinstate it and DON'T (and then do not answer their PHONE FOR DAYS ON END), and I am going to run out of really expensive asthma meds soon AND DIE. ARGH.
5) I have been violating Sachi Psychiatric Medication Tenet #1 ("Don't fuck with your brain meds, Sachi!") and ahve been fucking with my brain meds. But in a totally controlled and planned sort of way! Basically, I can't cope with the fact that my creativity has been smothered with a wet blanket of medication-induced stupidness, and the fact that I can't connect emotionally to things while on high doses of celexa, so now I am on moderate doses of celexa. My anxiety and general ineffictiveness has been ramped up a few degrees, but it's better now that withdrawl is over. Hopefully soon there will be fic!

Since I have no fic to share, have a picture of Tessie wanting to play!

Totally Non-Spoilery X-Files-Related Gleee! Click here for a totally moronic article about how David And Gillian Are Real Actors Really, but you must watch the javascript video midway down the page where they interview each other about whether or not they like each other. LOL.
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