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.... my bad.

Okay, so, I rewatched "In Purgatory's Shadow" just now, and I was wrong about a lot of things:

1) Bashir wasn't a prisoner for three months, he was a prisoner for "over a month."

2) Kira carried Kirayoshi for seven months, not five months. No wonder she was so honked off by the end there -- Bajorans normally only carry their children for five months. (I'm right about that, I swear.)

3) Yeah, Alexander Siddig only found out about the Changeling thing when he got the script for this episode. Because all of a sudden he's totally creepy and.... smooth.


1) Yep. Bashir was replaced sometime right before "Rapture," and didn't miss anything else this season. Damn, he attends a lot of conferences.

2) I wasted lots of time, sorry!

3) I can probably write my fanfic now if brain cooperates. :)
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