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Pilgrimage to the Top of Mount Paramount!

Quick, I need the name of a mountain in Star Trek!

I have been ignoring you all for the following reasons, some of which are better than others:
1) I'm trying to work as much overtime as possible, because my temp job is going to end soon, and while everyone has hopes of finding a position for me (which may or may not require relocation, oy), impending starvation seems kinda more likely. Fail!
2) I have scheduled every moment of my weeks to try and balance the needs of the many: boyfriend, sister, dog, work, keeping my house clean enough to avoid the breeding of cholera. Really, I get up at 5 to get to work on time, and my boyfriend meets me right after work and stays until I fall asleep, so I kind of only get to go online if I sneak my laptop into the bathroom.
3) Fortunately, the boyfriend time has involved careening through our Indoctrinate-Boyfriend-Into-Deep-Space-Nine marathon! We have three more episodes left in the whole series!

Which leads us to our next awesome adventure and rescheduling of my time, because my boyfriend says: "You should really blog this," and I said "AHAHA OH MY GOD YES."

We're going to watch all the Star Trek episodes (even animated!) and movies (even bad ones!) in Star Trek Chronological (not airdate) order. Yep. We argued a bit, because he thinks we should watch heavily time-travel based episodes in the order of when the majority of the episode takes place (i.e., starting with that Spock-and-McCoy-get-stuck-on-that-prehistoric-planet episode and ending with "Relativity" in the 29th century), but I think it's more important to fit them into the series chronology.

So! Once Deep Space Nine is over, we begin at "Broken Bow," and concede having lives for 3 years or so until we get to the delightfully depressing marathon-end of "Nemesis" and "Endgame."

The Ultimate Nerd Pilgrimage got scarily more ultimate yesterday when he downloaded every Star Trek ebook that had ever been released ever*, and suggested that I read the novels alongside the episodes, but I voted "OH HELL NO," because, you know, I'd probably also have to read those in the bathroom too, and then I'd never go online.

Any of you crazy enough (and have netflix, DVDs, or online ahemming resources) to want to watch along? (I'm looking at you, medie, havocthecat.) If my boyfriend is good on his word and lets me carve out time for compulsory blogging throughout the marathon, the rest of you are welcome to read along for:

THE JOY! (Porthos! Harry Mudd! "I am NOT a Merry Man!" THE SISKO!)
THE HORROR! (T'Pol The Vulcan Crack Whore! McCoy and Kirk talking about the waste of women officers! Every time Wesley says "Adults"! Gender Reassignment Quark! Season 6 of Voyager!)
and THE WTF! (Malcolm the Worst Spy Ever! Uhura and Nurse Chapel mutinying and taking control of the Enterprise! Troi the Intergalactic Cheerleader! Janeway the Harlequin Romance Addict!).

Oh yeah. You know you wish you were me right now. (Sister's moving out soon. I will have plenty of space for visiting Trek-crashers.)

*Once he gives them to me, I will totally share.

Your thoughts?

OMG, I want to do that!!!!
You'd better actually blog this damned thing, Miss Broken McBlogPromises!
Sorry, Little Red, I don't think the gods of Star Trek will be satisfied with your sacrifice until you write fic for every episode ever made. So there!
... *defriends*
Ticky Box!

What should my LJ-tag be for this insane adventure?

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