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MegaTrekathon: Enterprise 1x01 - "Broken Bow"


Thanks to amilyn for the MegaTrekathon term and to Das Boy who started going "Star Trek? Star Trek? STAR TREK!?!???" once we had been done with Deep Space Nine for about sixteen hours and the DTs began to set in, the insane journey can now commence.

And when I say insane, I mean, we did the math (we fought about it actually, because I was all new-math-ing and he was all stop-making-up-numbers and I was all I'm-NOT-it's-NEW-MATH and he was all for-the-love-of-Spock-can-you-just-stop-talking-and-use-a-calculator?) and there are 736 separate titles in the Star Trek teevee & movie canon. That's right. Count 'em:

Enterprise: 98
Classic Trek: 79
Animated Series: 22
TNG: 178
DS9: 176
Voyager: 172
Movies: 11 (including the upcoming Star Trek movie set in an Apple Store)

And it all begins with Captain Jonathan Archer as a young'un painting a model and getting primed by his dad to feel he's entitled to be really snotty to Vulcans (who, admittedly, deserve it at least a little bit) for the rest of the series. And oh God, what a series, and it all begins right here with the regulation blue underwear and the first of many totally inappropriate decon chamber scenes! Enterprise, I love you, but sometimes I just CANNOT HANDLE YOU.

Things to truly love about this episode:
1) Malcolm! He looks SO YOUNG. Seriously, how did he manage to age like seventeen years over the course of the series? Maybe that's what a death wish does to a person.
2) Travis, and how he has THINGS TO SAY! And do! And the potential to be an interesting, relevant and integral part of the cast!
3) Admiral Forrest. I know, he's exactly the same throughout the course of the whole series (kind of weenie and not totally effective) but I do adore him so.
4) HOSHI! Oh, Hoshi, never change!

Things that are better this time around than last:
1) Soval, and all the other Vulcans, being emotional jerkfaces. It all works now that I know the Vulcan Unfuck Trilogy (tm my sister's boyfriend) is coming.
2) The totally inappropriate decon chamber scene. OH MY GOD, I just about had a shippergasm while watching the scene that I somehow NEVER WENT BACK AND WATCHED after Season 4, despite all the hours spent staying up night praying for just one more shower scene that didn't end in Vulcan zombies. (Those of you who watched the 3rd season of this show, you know what I mean, and you love that scene too.)
3) THE THEME SONG. WTF. I like it now?

Things that still suck:
1) Silik. Suliban. DON'T CARE DON'T CARE DON'T CARE. Now that I know that the "temporal cold war" is actually not even the most important example of temporal meddling that happens in this series, the Television-Without-Pity-named Temporal Shower Man and all of his Suliban minions can just stop already.

Opinions of Das Boy:
1) T'Pol's Vulcan plastic surgeon needs to go back to remedial plastic surgery school. Or she should have less collagen in various places. One or the other.
2) "HOSHI, just TELL Captain ARCHER what the Klingon SAID already!" (To which I point out sweetly that he could learn Klingon if he felt so inclined, and I really couldn't mock him, because I am blogging my way through 736 Star Trek episodes and don't have a leg to stand on. "I do own the Klingon dictionary," he adds, assuming rightly that this will score points with me.)

havocthecat suggested a sort of craftalongathon as well, which I think is a great idea. I'm going to try to do crafty things while I'm watching these ridiculous hours worth of television in service to my gods, and if I get a camera that works, I could blog that too along with my Star Trek updates. (All part of my renewed plan to make you all totally sick of me, naturally.)

735 titles left to go, people. Are you with me?
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