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Enterprise 1x04 "Unexpected" / 1x05 "Terra Nova"

True Fact: I really like Enterprise. You can remind me of this when we're in the middle of Season 2 and I'm suffering through that stupid episode when Trip is stuck in an escape pod with that bitchy alien princess, but right now, I must say, my love is pure and troooooo. And Das Boy doesn't hate me yet for subjecting him to this, so that's a good thing.

"Unexpected" or "Trip Gets Knocked Up A Notch" (and other stories)

That said, this episode is deeply annoying in places. It brings the LOLs, but it also brings the "SHUT! UP! TRIP!" which I had kind of forgotten about by the end of the series when Trip is awesome and does no wrong.

The Plot For Those Of You Following Along At Home: An alien ship is stowing away on Enterprise's plasma wake, and Trip goes on board to fix it. The alien ship is all kinds of delightfully crazy, and they have holodeck technology and telepathic pebbles and grass growing on the walls. Trip returns from playing flirty telepathy games with one of the aliens (and fixing the ship) to discover that he's sprouting nipples on his wrists, of all places, and is growing a baby in his ribcage. Oops. T'Pol is disgusted at Trip's whorishness, Archer finds it hilarious, and Trip maternal instincts start baby-proofing the ship. After half an hour or so of Trip squawking, they find the alien ship, which is busy pissing off a bunch of Klingons. It ends with the baby back in alien hands, the Klingons with holodeck technology, and T'Pol probably still disgusted.

Exciting Opinions:

1) The alien ship is so COOL! Also, I love that there's a crazy compression cycle to get on and off it. That makes sense, and should really happen more often.

2) Oh, KLINGONS. Why are you so toothless all of a sudden? But I do really love "I can see my house from here!"

3) Continuity error: They don't make Trip or the Klingons nap when they come through the compression chamber the second time.

4) I love the Captain's dining room. It's such a great location, and it leads to so much fabulousness.

5) I kind of can't believe that Archer basically signed Trip up to rear this baby for its whole life. Except I can, because it's Archer.

6) This whole episode is kind of a cheap shot. A MAN GETS PREGNANT, GUYS! But I'll allow it, because Star Trek is always on the forefront of important social issues.

7) Gira points out that there are many, many similarities between this episode and Futurama's "Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch." *giggles*

8) ShipWatch 08: "THREE DAYS. You were only over there for THREE DAYS!" T'Pol's indignance is priceless. Das Boy was all "Man, why is she jealous ALREADY?" Apparently all she needed was one rubdown in decon in the pilot and she'd already rather that Trip keep his baby-maker out of aliens where it doesn't belong.

"Terra Nova"

The Plot For Those Of You Following Along At Home: 70 years ago, a far-flung Earth colony disappeared without a trace, and Enterprise is now Warping along to find out what happened to it. As it turns out, what happened to it was an asteroid crash (like the dinosaurs), and tons of radiation (like the atom bomb), and the children surviving and developing an immunity by living in dank inhospitable places (like cockroaches). The children have grown into old people and have had children and grandchildren of their own, who believe they are native "Novans" and believe "Humans" are their greatest enemy. Unfortunately, the radiation is now seeping into the groundwater, and unless Archer can convince them to relocate to Earth or another part of Terra Nova, they'll all die off. He does, of course.

Exciting Observations:

1) I got to show off my l33t linguistic knowledge when Sis and Das Boy said, "This is retarded that they developed a whole language," and I got to point out that the 4 year old surviving children were exactly the right age to develop a complete language from the limited English they knew. Much of their language makes sense - "diggers", "overside", "underside"... and even their word for lies -- "Shale" -- makes sense when you assume that somebody's parents made up the word "Shale" when they didn't like their toddlers saying "Shit!" This is what my linguistics major is for -- figuring out how "bullshit" became "shale" in less than three generations on a science fiction television show. I had a slightly harder time figuring out why they think HUMANS are their enemy and not EARTH, but I figure that the adults must have been saying "I can't believe other humans are doing this to us!" and the kids didn't get that other humans mean that we are also human. I probably am putting more thought into this than the writers did.

2) We finally get our Rock People that we've been waiting for since "Strange New World"! Except these people just live in the rocks. I assume they look so different than regular humans because of the radiation.

3) The argument between Archer and T'Pol about bringing the Novans back to Earth is wonderful. He pulls a Janeway, insisting that humanity is their BIRTHRIGHT. T'Pol reasons with him that he would be destroying the Novan culture -- and it is a culture -- just as completely as if he let them all die of radiation poisoning. Yay T'Pol.

4) Malcolm: "Leave me to die, Captain!" Oh, Malcolm's Death Wish.

5) Travis's love of lost colonies... oh, Travis. You're so wonderful.

6) The son of Nadette is totally that defrocked vedek from DS9 who was all "THREE! VIPERS! RETURNING TO THEIR NEST IN THE SKY!" and his voice is so distinct that I can't take him seriously when I see him anywhere else. This whole episode, I was all, "Oh, Vedek, stop pretending to be a rock person!"
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