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Enterprise: 1x06 "The Andorian Incident" / 1x07 "Breaking the Ice"

Before I dish on the RAMPANT FLAILING AWESOME GLEEE of these two Shran-involving pecan-pie-eating episodes, let's first discuss the breath-holding-squeaking-passing-out-IS-IT-MAY-YET!? joy of THE TRAILER FOR THE NEW STAR TREK MOVIE BEING RELEASED:

WATCH EET RIGHT NOW! because I am too atwitter to find an embeddable version!

Okay, a few things in it are a little weird (the robocop? antique cars and motorcycles? the probably totally throwing out of canon? whut?) but OH MY GOD, NEW STAR TREK, AND IT IS SO SHINY. I am definitely one of those Trekkies who's okay with things changing if they're changed for the better. For example, it's good that the Klingons got forehead ridges once the budget increased, and it may turn out to be good that the new Enterprise really does look like an apple store in space. WE SHALL SEE!

Now, on to the episodes:

"The Andorian Incident"

I advised Das Boy to PAY ATTENTION during this episode, because I'm pretty sure this is the only episode that new writers to the series are required to watch, since EVERYTHING seems to hinge on it. Also, you should pay attention because Jeffrey Coombs returns as SHRAAAAAN and he is so awesome that he automatically makes everything around him ten times more awesome, even Archer.

The Plot Of This Episode For Those Of You Following Along At Home: Archer and Trip plan a visit to the Vulcan monastery at P'Jem -- which is all ancient and sacred-y. T'Pol would really, really prefer they not get their grubby human hands on everything. Unfortunately for everyone, the monastery has been taken over by Andorians led by Shran, who think the Vulcans are hiding a spy sattelite. They are. It takes a long sleepover with Vulcans and Archer getting beaten up a few times to discover it.

Exciting Opinions:

1) I remember watching this episode at college. It was my best friend saidshe's first time watching Enterprise, and she though the Vulcans were hysterical. She walked around saying "We have been in CON-flict for many YEE-ars" whenever we mentioned Enterprise. The weird thing is that, re-watching this episode, that line wasn't really that funny. Maybe we were drinking? We were probably drinking.

2) Shran! Shran is so fabulous, and he makes me really upset that humans never evolved emotive antennae. What the hell, evolution!? Get on that, please.

3) I think the "Poor T'Pol" conga line starts right here. Because not only does she kind of start building a coffin for her Vulcan career and reputation right here by following Archer's directives and thereby disgracing the monastery, but Archer's a jerk to her on top of that. This girl just can't win. No wonder she turns to drugs. I do really love the way that other Vulcans treat her either with pity -- at this point in the series -- or as a bit of a paraiah by the end of it for serving on the human ship.

4) I have come to love the scene where Archer and Trip play up their boorish humanness to the Vulcan monk when they first arrive at the monastery. "No, cap'n, yer thinkin' of the Blarney Stone." It would be the most grating, horrid scene ever, except that I've decided they're totally playing it up on purpose.

5) ShipWatch 08: T'Pol steals the covers. Proven fact. T'Pol/Archer always made me feel sort of awkward, but now that I'm really into their friendship and mutual understanding in a way where they do not have sex, I feel I must report on this scene. Of course, at this point in the series, I don't think Trip particularly deserves T'Pol, either. She needs to give BOTH of them a Vulcan Neck Pinch of Shut The Hell Up Please.

"Breaking the Ice"

Plot Summary For Those Of You Following Along At Home: Enterprise discovers a really bigass comet. They decide to investigate and send Reed and Travis down to the surface of the comet for snowman-making and commet-drilling fun and mayhem. Meanwhile, a Vulcan ship discovers Enterprise discovering a really bigass comet, and decides to stick around and observe them, presumably to make sure they don't screw it up royally. When they screw it up royally, with Travis busting his leg and the shuttlepod falling through the ice, T'Pol pulls some reverse-psychology on Archer, who allows the Vulcans to save the day. In other Vulcan news, T'Pol is summoned by her fiance's family to return home to become a dutiful Vulcan housewife. Trip, thinking the sekrit communique is something nefarious, reads her mail, and then confesses. T'Pol hates his guts, but since he already knows about her dilemma, she asks him what she should do. Trip basically tells her the Vulcan way is a bunch of crap. T'Pol furthers her journey to become the Worst Vulcan Ever by remaining on Enterprise, eating Pecan Pie, and setting a two-year countdown for when she'll end up in Trip's pants. It's okay, T'Pol. He won't be as much of a jerk then.

Exciting Observations:

1) Captain Vanik is hilarious in his jackassery. He clearly pissed off someone in the Vulcan High Command to get this assignment, because he has zero interest in humans. I like to pretend that when he Vulcan-stormed out of the Captain's dining room, what he said to T'Pol in Vulcan was: "Don't stay here too long, or you'll smell as bad as they do."

2) I love all the kids' drawings!! Do you think they really drafted a bunch of kids to draw pictures for them? That would be awesome. I really wish we'd continued to see those drawings hanging up in various places all over the ship.

3) You know, as much as Trip hated answering poop questions from 4th graders, I have honestly been wondering that exact thing since about the 4th grade. As much as it makes this episode move slowly and seem pointless, I love the little slice-of-life parts of Enterprise -- such as, basically doing a press function for Earth. Phlox and Hoshi are having a blast, and Archer obviously feels completely silly and would like to go back to wandering around the galaxy feeling entitled, thankyouverymuch.

4) Phlox and T'Pol. I adore all of their scenes together, because they're the outsiders, and Phlox is delighted to be here studying humanity from the inside ("When in Phelibia..."), and T'Pol is so overwhelmed by it. Of everyone on the ship, Phlox has the greatest soft spots for T'Pol and Hoshi. When I think about it, those two are the most out of their element of anyone in the main cast. Or Phlox just wants to watch out for the girls. Either way, Phlox rules.

5) ShipWatch 08: OH MY GOD SQUEEE! This episode made me start 'shipping Trip and T'Pol the first time around, and my love is still truuuuueeee. Mostly, I like how this episode highlights how much T'Pol struggles with being Vulcan, and how she still feels like it's important, but some of that is because she has no idea what else she can be. It's also nice that Trip gets a window into her crazy Vulcan Way, and her crazy family-fiance life, because he's going to need it. I do think it's a little strange that she goes to Trip to ask his advice instead of Archer or Phlox, even if he does already know about it. Maybe it's because she really wants someone to talk some reckless, human sense into her, and Trip is the most reckless and human she's going to find. MAYBE BECAUSE SHE KNOWS I WANT THEM TO DO IT. That must be it!
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