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Oh, it is so time to get my awesome on.

Our landlord had estimated that we'd only have to give up $300 of our security deposit for not repainting our place, so we were all "sweet!" but then he called last night and said we'd have to pay them a bunch of money on TOP of our security depost, and we were all "BOGUS."

So, for those of you keeping track at home, in the next week, I must:

1) Paint new place.
2) Clean new place.
3) Separate and divide items between me & sister so we both have essentials like pots and pans and Christmas decorations.
4) MOVE.
5) Move sister's stuff into new place so that we can...
6) Paint old place.
7) Clean old place.
8) Move sister's stuff out of my new place and into a U-Haul for her exciting journey to Seattle.

OH YEAH, BABY. I think the thin line between epic win and epic fail will be STARBUCKS.

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