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Week of Crazy: Tuesday Edition!


Yesterday was Manic Marathon Monday at work, as it is every Monday, but I managed to squeak out of doing my usual overtime hours. Some of that was a success of time management, and some of that was a success of me just saying "I'm going home in 10 minutes" in my this is just the way it is voice. This enabled me to get home, exercise the dog, and make dinner before everyone else got home.


1) Speed-cleaning new kitchen and bathroom! Yay Lysol wipes, and yay Mom for recommending them. She shares my fear of OMG PLAGUE.

2) Laundry. Well, most of laundry. The clean clothes are on the floor of my new closet until I move the hangers.

3) Packing & moving most of old apartment.

4) With help of das boy and the college kid das boy tutors in math, all heavy things moved to new apartment.

5) Setting up new place enough to sleep, get clothes to wear to work, and reduce doggie distress when she's left in the new place all day. BOOYAH!

We had some hiccups in the plan. Sis's new g-phone broke so she had to spend a few hours freaking out at customer support to try to get a working phone in time for her move. When we were moving stuff out of upstairs, we crated Tessie to keep her from bolting in all the commotion, and she whined so hard watching us move our stuff out that it sounded like she was being run through a fax machine. (We got smart pretty fast and moved her to the new place -- apparently dogs prefer watching their family's stuff get moved in to a place than watching it all get taken away!) Sleeping in the new place was all SCARY with NEW SOUNDS and STREET NOISE, but I'm so psyched about all the PROGRESS!! Also, I have not stopped panicking all day, but am successfully remembering not to scream randomly at work.

Tonight: prep old apartment for paint, including moving a few things and rats, tarping, and gettin' started on some priming. BAM.

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