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Your daily dose of distressing

Regardless on anyone's feelings on whether the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident has been blown out of proportion, the newspaper reports that have discovered that 46% of teenagers blame Rihanna showcases a societal trend that can only be described as disturbing as fuck. Among girls, that percentage was much higher.

I know, both from studies I can't find right now and anecdotally, that women are typically much more likely to blame the woman in any abuse or rape situation. (My theory on this is that women feel safer if they look at an abused woman and can think I can prevent this for myself by not doing certain things.) But isn't this supposed to be getting better? In the media, there have been articles about Chris Brown's well being and career future, as well as questions about what "set him off," but it seems like the media has still been very decisive in blaming Chris Brown for what happened and hasn't shied away from calling it a 'brutal beating.' So, it's not like we can excuse these teens by saying "the media tells them it's probably Rihanna's fault." (Unless there have been lots of articles I've missed -- please tell me if that's the case.) I can only imagine the backlash against Rihanna if she had been the one to call the police and report this incident, because even though it wasn't her who got the information out, teens are quoted as saying the beating probably never happened and she's just lying about it to get him in trouble.

So if all the magazine covers don't help -- how can we change this deeply rooted societal belief that women are responsible for the abusive behaviour of men and are even responsible for protecting men by covering it up?

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