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I have successfully made my own yogurt!

It was INSANELY EASY, with no crazy equipment required (I did use a cooking thermometer, because I suck at temperature guessing, but you don't even really need that). And the most miraculous part: it looks and tastes just like YOGURT! Like it's real, store-bought yogurt! Huzzah!

I got the recipe from Food on the Dole, where there are pikshurz. Works A+ well! Onlee thing I did differently was use 2% milk instead of whole milk.

Yogurt was previously the most expensive item on my weekly grocery list (next to meat, when I buy meat), and I crave it all the time. So now -- CHEAP! Every week, our local grocery store tends to have $1/half-gallon milk coupons, so yogurt = win! (Cheap dairy products with hormones and filler = fail, but still, food > no food.)

Seriously, though, try this just for the OMGSCIENCE element if nothing else. Given my perennial suck at lab science, I doubted it would work, so I was in SHOCK when I pulled out ACTUAL YOGURT.
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