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Braver Folk than I...

Um, yes. I am not doing


because, well, THAT'S FREAKING TERRIFYING. I admire the people who have thrown their names up for commenting, and I'm finding all the comments super fascinating from a psychological-experiment standpoint (are some of the "REALLY YOU ARE THE BEST!" comments coming because someone is paranoid that they will be found out? The people who go "OKAY, you really piss me off when you write so many damned fics about TRIBBLES" -- how long have they been stewing over that? Or were they just scrambling to think of something they could say anonymously that they can't normally say?).

But yes. I would really rather NOT know what people really-really-honestly think of me! I like critical feedback on individual stories, because very often the feeder-backer makes good points that I use in my next Exciting Life-Procrastination Fanfic Adventure. But if I ask generally, and someone anonymously says, "I can't stand it that you never write in the first person," then I will feel so horribly guilty for having INFLICTED my third-person writing on this person and will fret a lot about ever posting anything again, in case I will be RUINING someone's flist page! It would just be a mess.

So I'm posting this kind of as a public service announcement that the meme is out there and might be fun for people of stronger character than I, and a public confession that I am more weenier than you!!

For the record, anonymously or otherwise, I think y'all are awesome. :)
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