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the unveiling!

It's the sort of unveiling that would happen in rented space in an elementary school cafeteria after-hours or something, but still: exists!

Marvel at my cutting-edge use of stylesheets and outdated content! Admire the graphics mostly made on freeware that crashes all the time!

I got the domain eighteen months ago with big plans of having this great SITE and learning great CODE and writing lots to FILL the site with and maybe also having an ETSY store which isn't totally related BUT COULD BE... and then got a boyfriend, like you do, and left the website as a big mess of broken links.

So far, the only content on there are my old Stargate: Atlantis fics -- old, as in, 2005 and before. Newer fics and other fandoms will be added as long as my website motivation persists!


If you find borked links or nonsensical gibbering, please let me know!
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