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Why is there no drinking at the end?

I remember college, and planning parties and events, and that's probably why, whenever I feel a prolonged sense of stress-lag, I wonder "Shouldn't the DJ be here by now? And where are all the raver kids?"

I'm covering two additional regions besides mine this week and part of next, which has involved getting to work at 6:30 and being late on everything throughout the day. Not having any money until my next paycheck involves taking the train, and not driving to work, which I would normally do to console myself for early morning overtime. I really actually enjoy the rush of extra work and deadlines and a little bit of crazy, though I would prefer it if there were a few more "Thanks for doing this so quickly! You rock!" emails, instead of the "Where is this other thing!?!??" and "How did you not guess I would want this entire spreadsheet in yellow!?"

A man in my office who is slated to make -- literally -- ten times what I make this year told me yesterday that I make "good money," which made me feel like I'm a bit of a loser for not being able to buy groceries until paycheck (Friday! Friday!). But! Today he told me that he personally asked a bunch of people (who aren't, unfortunately, in charge of that) to pay me more. How nice of him! It's a shame it won't work. He said, "Look, when they downsize this other position [which is currently paid more than me], maybe you can get them to give part of that job to you and pay you a little more!" and I thought I shouldn't spoil the surprise that the company will actually give me that whole job on top of mine and not pay me any more, and then give me Stern Memos About Overtime Usage. But! I have a job!

I love my life. Love. I really do. Even when my job is a little over the top, everything is colored in these happy shades of me being so in love with my boyfriend. I am frustrated by my inability to make his life perfect, but he likes my cooking, so that's almost the same thing, right? And my apartment flooded a bit last weekend, but that gave me the perfect excuse to steam-clean my carpets and then -- this part was unrelated to the flooding -- reorganize all my yarn and fabric into small stacking clear plastic bins. HEAVEN.

I'm not sure if this post was supposed to mean something or not. I think I was going to apologize for being so unavailable this week? I come home at night and just pray there's a new Supernanny or something on Hulu, so that I can go "Well, at least I'm not screwing up ten children and then airing their dirty laundry on national TV," because that makes me feel better about things like being within a quarter-ream of the whole office being entirely out of paper (!!!!) before the supply order came today. Really, I'm just an approval-needy administrator with substandard personal financial planning, a wildly unnatural love of unnecessarily complex excel spreadsheets, and a bruised heel from going for a run in worn out flip-flops, and a bit of tired punchiness. And what's so bad about that?
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