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Building super Mariette and really-cool-handyman-guy-whose-name-I-don't-know came to check out the former Pawtucket House of Couch (now couchless and keenween-less), and were both ecstatic about how little work they had to do to it.

*None* of what has to be done was the fault of "the kids," as they call us. All of it is either left over from the "crazy cat lady" who lived here before us or general upkeep to the apartment like revarnishing the shelves. YAY!!! We managed not to cause ridiculous amounts of damage!

Mariette really wants to get me a 1-bedroom apartment in this same building when I come back, and told me that me and keenween are awesome, and that she brags about us to all the other building supers. "I brag about my Brown kids to everyone. These kids, they come from Brown, and they're *great!*"


And it's always cool to chat with Mariette and really-cool-handyman-guy, because they tell me horror stories about other tenants.

-- Little Red, proud non-destroyer of rented spaces.

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