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Dear Stargate:

I just can't quit you.

First, to reward myself for finally going through the stacks of old paperwork cluttering up my craft area, I put on my all-time favorite Stargate SG-1 episode: "Redemption." (There's humor! Action! Pathos! Ry'ac! More humor!)

Then, because it got linked off something someone shared on my Google reader, I read all the Stargate articles at "The Hathor Legacy," which discuss in detail how Sam Carter is either the best or worst thing to happen to women on television, and also, how Janet Fraiser was always really cool.

Then I started rereading old unfinished fic, and now I want to finish "Second Chances," the post-Heroes-meets-parallel-universe-technobabble-angstfest thing I started writing back in 2004. It got derailed by some combination of going on psychiatric medication and realizing that I'd written the first 30,000 words or so entirely from Daniel's point of view, and in order to continue the story I needed to be able to follow everybody else around, too. So, probably rewriting is needed. Also -- my angst was a lot wordier back then, and much more dramatic. People had a lot of anguish clawing their hearts. (Not to mention the technobabble craze I seemed to be on -- I wrote pages about the detailed workings of a differential quantum resonance frequency compensator, and I'm pretty sure we can call that a symptom of mania.)

So. Yikes. I don't take on big creative projects anymore, really, and I'm not sure how to attack it, aside from setting aside time and trying to remember all the plot points. Do I rewrite first? Plow forward with the POV madness as it is and call it a draft? Actually write an outline? Can I just forget about writing it, watch "Rite of Passage" a few times, and move on?

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