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The Future is acceptably futuristic to me, primarily because most of my wishes for What The Future Will Look Like involved small personal computers that fit in a pocket, and I have an iphone. No tricorder yet, but getting there. So, so far, 2010, no complaints.

I'm so impressed by everyone else's goals for the year that I've been reading today! I'm even more impressed by those of you who remember your resolutions from last year. I think mine was Floss my teeth every day, and that went really well for about a month, as I recall.

2009, on the whole, was a great development year for me. I made big leaps forward in mental and physical health, established myself in my career, lived by myself for the first time, and maintained a healthy, loving relationship. The last two months were a bit of a shock and awe campaign of suck and regression, but the majority of the year was solid, aside from the teeth-flossing. I chose to neglect my social and creative sides, underestimated the chronicness of my chronic illness, and learned better. Onward to 2010!

Now, the fun part! I'm going to post my resolutions, and my mission statement (copied below for personal reference), in my apartment. I might make them decorative and pretty.

Resolutions for 2010:

1. Do 100 new things before the end of the year. These don't have to be momentous, but they do have to be reasonable. Eating at a specific new restaurant is acceptable, existential commentary on how every single breath is new doesn't count.
1.a. Journal them here to keep track, and to write more.

2. Finish Second Chances. You heard me.

3. Collect all 12 re-released Beatles albums, one a month. Having all the Beatles albums is a lifelong goal that seemed so impossible when I was nine and it took months to save up for a cassette version of "Help!" I still thought it was impossible, for some reason, until Das Boy pointed out that I'm a grown-up who can afford $15/month on a new CD. Eeee!

4. Knit - and finish! - 12 projects this year.
4.a. Alternate option, since I really couldn't decide: Complete a major knitting project that really challenges my skill level.

Resolutions I am not officially making, but should strongly consider nonetheless:

1. Stop driving to work and spending a bazillion dollars on parking. Yes, it's cold and dark at 6 in the morning waiting for the train. Deal.

2. Stop consuming, or seriously limit, caffeine and refined sugar. That way lies madness.

3. Continue my mental health plan. (I am going to do this, I just don't like having non-specific resolutions, and the last thing I need if I stop doing my mental health plan is an additional guilt trip while I'm spiraling into unmedicated oblivion.)

4. Floss my damned teeth.

Mission Statement:

I want to be an artist. (So make art, every single chance I get.)

I want to be loved. (So love myself, whether or not anyone else is there.)

I want to feel connected. (So go places, and connect.)

I want to be united within myself, working to make positive and healthy life choices. (So honestly acknowledge each fractured piece, and make good choices anyway.)

I want to be strong. (So be flexible, and exercise and test mental and emotional muscles as much as physical ones.)

I want to contribute to the world. (So be present, and start.)
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