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OK. So, there's this B5 story that I wanted to tell, with saving Talia and Lyta being awesome. So I wrote this long novel, which was utterly ridiculous, because I was about 14. Then I tried to rewrite it as canon changed every season, and to remove things like *NSYNC lyrics, but never quite got it right.

persephone_flees just totally wrote that story for Yuletide, and it is kind of THE GREATEST FANDOM THING TO HAPPEN TO ME THIS YEAR, AND I MEAN THE PAST 12 MONTHS, NOT JUST TODAY.

Talia! Talia evil! Lyta! Kosh! Ivanova! Bester! Plot-related telepath-kind-of-sex! The story is Susan/Talia, and even if that's not your thing, you should totally read it for the awesome Lyta and a totally great S5 AU.

"How to Ask?"

You B5-type people out there: Read it!
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